Module APC

Automatically set up your machine tools with one part

The Automated Process Control (APC) enables Ellisetting to automatically setup machine tools with one part.
  • Is able to control simple and complex parts
  • Learns from its own corrections
  • Fits into the digital chain
Ellisetting helps to stabilize production and ensure optimum quality. The use of a computer tool to calculate corrections makes it far more precise than traditional SPC or manual correction. In APC the process is corrected as accurately as possible to limit process drift and the system learns from its own corrections to improve over time. APC is unquestionably at the heart of industry 4.0 and makes it possible to combine the need for automating machine setup and improve production quality.

Advantage of the module


Set up your machines

in only one piece

Unify the setting

made by the adjusters (only one calculation method)

Improve quality

of your production (the drifts of the process are limited)


any type of machine to Ellisetting

Save time

by sending corrections automatically to the machines
Automated Process Control computer
1 month
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A customizable solution made for you !
We have created a modular solution that can be perfectly adapted to all areas of production (watch industry, aeronautics, medical, automotive, decolletage...) and to the operating habits of your employees.

The best way to find out if a software is suitable for your use is to test it in real conditions, with your own data and your own machines! Contact us to get your free trial version!

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