Module SPC

Control the quality of your production over the long term

Thanks to this module, you can instantly find all your measurement data on a signe page to have a global view of all your processes. For the workshop, the SPC module supports the collection of measurement and traceability data. The operator can display on his screen one or more control cards in order to follow the quality level of the production in real time.

For the quality department, the SPC module integrated to Ellisetting helps to monitor industrial compliance. Thanks to data recording, the quality department can meet the requirements of various standards, calculate the capabilities of production processes and develop a coherent approach for continuous improvement. For more detailed statistical analysis, you can easily export all data to Ellistat (graphical analysis, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics...)

Advantage of the module


Access to data

from any computer or tablet

A global view

of your production on a single page

A simplified reading

of the data

Real-time monitoring

production drifts

An automatic calculation

quality indicators
Automated Process Control computer
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A customizable solution made for you !
We have created a modular solution that can be perfectly adapted to all areas of production (watch industry, aeronautics, medical, automotive, decolletage...) and to the operating habits of your employees.

The best way to find out if a software is suitable for your use is to test it in real conditions, with your own data and your own machines! Contact us to get your free trial version!

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