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Analyze your data in just 2 clicks

We strongly believe in the benefits of statistical analysis,
We design software that makes data analysis effortless.

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statistics software for anyone and everyone

Improving a company’s performance calls for decisions based on facts and data, but analyzing data isn’t a simple task. Ellistat is designed to be intuitive and guide you in your choice of statistical tests and lets you perform data analysis in only 2 clicks.

ELLISTAT is much more than statistical analysis software. Easy-to-use and comprehensive, it allows you to:

  • Visualize your production data (capabilities, control charts, normality, etc.),
  • Build designs of experiments (complete, fractional or in surface response mode),
  • Analyze your test data with inferential statistics,
  • Perform tolerance analysis for a dimensional chain
  • Interpret your survival data
  • And much, much more to help you optimize production management.

Boost performance by integrating the science of statistical evidence in your teams.

Everything you need to understand and analyze your data

Created by Maurice Pillet, a well-respected figure in France for quality assurance production and inventor of the inertial tolerancing and inertial control of a process concepts, Ellistat stands out for its pragmatic and pedagogical approach to statistical analysis. With over 30 years of experience teaching industrial quality control, we are proud to present our all-new comprehensive statistical analysis software.

Process control

View your data

Boite à moustache, analyse de données

Statistical analysis

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Gage R&R, analyse de système de mesure

Design Of Experiments

Create a DOE


Incoming Goods Inspection

Reduce your inspection

Simulation de tolérancement

Graphs & Charts

Give some shape to your data

Boite à moustache, analyse de données

Gage R&R

Measuring devices

Gage R&R, analyse de système de mesure


Analyse your survival data



Calculate dimensional chains

Simulation de tolérancement

Ellistat, statistical analysis software



Ellistat can be used by anyone, from seasoned engineers to regulators with no statistical experience who want to understand their production data.


Find all of your statistical analyses (parametric or not) in just a few clicks.

Available for the whole company

Thanks to the 50-license package, you’ll no longer need to worry about the number of installations and you’ll be able to spread statistical knowledge throughout the company.

La nouvelle génération de logiciel d'analyse statistique, Ellistat

Innovative functions

A new automatic tolerancing module, automated design of experiments builder, etc.

ELLISTAT will surprise you with its incredible developments.


Copy your charts and graphs into Office

ELLISTAT allows you to directly integrate your graphs and charts into Word, Excel and Powerpoint thanks to the built-in binder on every page.



The dialog boxes and results are meticulously organized in order to facilitate analysis and interpretation.

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