Drastically reduce your amount of inspections

With this ELLISTAT exclusive module, not only can you calculate standardized plans, but you can also create better adapted custom plans.

Let Ellistat guide you while creating a control plan

The “Control Plan” module helps you decide whether you should accept or reject the lot according to a sampling from the lot. Several kinds of samplings are taken into account:

  • Attribute sampling (single/double/progressive sampling plans)
  • Variables sampling (S-Method, Sigma, progressive).

With this ELLISTAT’s exclusive module, you can not only calculate standardized plans, but you can also create custom plans which are often much better adapted than the standardized plans.

It also allows you to perform incoming goods inspections with any method, even the very innovative incoming quality control plan with progressive measurements. This method is consistently efficient and helps you reduce the size of your samplings by a great deal.

Create an incoming quality control plan

Quality comes first

Creating a control plan

Set up your control plan in three clicks:

  • Sampling level (S1 – S4 for special samplings, and I, II or III)
  • Acceptable quality limit (AQL) from the standardized AQL list
  • Type of sampling for the dynamic modification (normal, high, low)

All of the selected plans will be calculated and the efficiency curves will appear, the P95 (non-quality that has a 95% chance of being accepted) and the P10 (non-quality that has a 10% chance of being accepted) will also be displayed.  In addition to all the standardized plans, ELLISTAT can help you make any kind of plan.

Create an incoming quality control plan
Create an incoming quality control plan

Performing incoming quality control

The control menu allows you to quickly perform incoming quality controls on parts with several characteristics. Each characteristic has its own control plan and you can also manage suppliers, inspectors and the ranges.

Performing attribute sampling is very simple, all you need to do is click on the OK or KO button. If you’re entering multiple data, you just need to click and hold down the mouse. If you’re doing a variables sampling, you just need to enter the values and measurements until a decision is made.

Thanks to the progressive sampling module, you can divide divide the size of your lot inspections by 20. Don’t wait any longer!

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Building an inspection quality control plan

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