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Machine Learning

Transform data into a relevant model

When dealing with a large amount of data, you need to know where to look. Thanks to Ellistat’s machine learning module, in just a few clicks, you can: Study the main factors that are effecting your process
  • Predict the system’s response to a specific configuration
  • Residue analysis (differences with the prediction)
  • Build a 3D display with your data

Available models

With Ellistat you can use multiple models:
  • Linear regression
  • PLS
  • Neuronal networks
  • Random Forest
  • Logistic regression

Optimisation module.

With this function, you can automatically find the best configuration according to your objective for the response. You can also simultaneously optimize several completed responses with different models.

And there’s more

ELLISTAT lets you go even further in analyzing results by displaying:
  • the X Pareto for determining the most influential factors
  • the significance of each factor (analyzing the significance table is easy thanks to the colorful decision-making helper)
  • the Observation vs. Prediction chart that helps you see the prediction’s accuracy
  • the residue chart
  • the interaction chart
  • a 3D graph of the prediction.

machine learning with ellistat
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The best way to find out if a software is suitable for your use is to test it in real conditions, at home, with your own data! That's why we provide you with a free version for 30 days. The trial version gives you access to the full functionality of the software on the Desktop and Online version.  For students, a free one-year version is available for one year with a valid student ID.

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