Expand your knowledge by analyzing your data

When problem-solving, your first impulse may be to trust your instincts, however experience shows that instincts are not always reliable. Statistical analysis software could be your solution.

Statistical analysis software for a better understanding of your data

When analyzing data, we must often test hypotheses: Does machine 1 make less errors than machine 2? Did the modification made on the process re-orientate the production to the target?

The first instinct would be to trust our intuition, but unfortunately, experience shows that our intuition is often mistaken. To be certain that a hypothesis is valid, it must be proven by statistical evidence. Statistical analysis software can greatly simplify this process.

But which test should you choose? Ellistat guides you with its intuitive interface. Select the columns to study and that’s all, Ellistat will automatically suggest the right test.

Intuition is a convenient concept for avoiding explanations

Laurent Binet

Hypothesis tests


If you’re a beginner, the hardest part is knowing which is the best-suited statistical test for your situation. That’s why ELLISTAT has a module to guide you, helping you make the best decision when choosing a hypothesis test.


To do so, all you need to do is select the columns that you’d like to study. ELLISTAT will automatically suggest the appropriate test by blocking out the unfit tests. It’s never been so simple.


For more experienced users, ELLISTAT is fully comprehensive statistical analysis software. With ELLISTAT, you can run any of the hypothesis tests that are currently used, parametric or not,  principal component analysis, dendrograms, etc.

Assistance all along the way

Whichever test you decide to run, 1P, 2P, Khi2, Test t, Test F, ANAVAR, Mann Whitney, Krustal Wallis etc…, ELLISTAT will be holding your hand all along the way by portraying your test results in a colorful manner:

  • Significant deviation
  • Some deviation
  • Non-significant deviation

You can also check out the tutorial videos on how to use ELLISTAT.

Analyzing large charts

When dealing with a large amount of data, you need to know where to look. Thanks to Ellistat’s multi-linear regression module, in just a few clicks, you can:

  • Study the main factors that are effecting your process
  • Predict the system’s response to a specific configuration
  • Residue analysis (differences with the prediction)
  • Build a 3D display with your data
  • And much more….

And much more

As if it weren’t already enough, Ellistat also enables you to:

  • build a multiple correlation matrix
  • optimize with several solutions at the same time
  • analyze your data with a neural network
  • ……

Oh, and one more thing – Learn Ellistat with these videos

Comparison of 2 populations

Simple linear regression

Comparison of 2 proportions

Comparison of several populations

Multiple linear regression

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