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The human brain is amazing, it can interpret and recognize forms in the first few months of its existence. However, it is much less skilled at interpreting a series of numbers.

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To develop an intuition and understand how a series of data is performing, it’s best to represent it graphically and to statistically interpret its behavior.

Therefore, descriptive statistics hellp you to better understand the behavior of your data.

ELLISTAT helps you interpret your data distribution, calculate the percentage of parts outside of tolerances, it informs you about your process capability, displays the associated control chart, etc. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly tool, ELLISTAT is your answer.

descriptive statistics, control chart

Beyond values and formulas, it’s crucial to understand the significance of what you’re seeking

Process control

ELLISTAT has a very simple graphical interface so that you can display all of your data in a visual way.

Calculating capability with normal or abnormal data, signalling aberrant values, calculating percentages out of tolerances, ELLISTAT software can do it all.

In addition, if you wish to interpret the chronological evolution of your data, all you need to do is plot the control chart to identify the drifts over time.

descriptive statistics, histogram
descriptive statistics, control chart

Any analysis in one click

Do you have several dimensions and thousands of items of data to compile? ELLISTAT will do all the work with just one click.

All of the capability calculations, histograms and control charts are integrated into a single page so that you can have a global vision of your process.

descriptive statistics, statistical summary
descriptive statistics, incomplete data

Interpreting attribute data

A supplier usually provides you with an average of 1% error, but sends you a batch of 100 parts containing 3 with flaws; should you be alarmed or is it normal?

Interpreting results with default percentage can be very complex and one’s intuition is often wrong.

In order to represent this, ELLISTAT provides intuitive graphic tools to help you better understand the behavior of your data in any everyday life situation.

descriptive statistics, Chi-squared distribution

And that’s not all…

ELLISTAT enables you to do plenty of other things:

  • Transforming non-normal data
  • Attribute control charts (P, NP, Laney, etc.)
  • T2 control chart
  • and more

Take it one step further – Learn how to use Ellistat with these video tutorals

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Calculating process capability

Display the statistical analysis of a data column

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