Industrial simulators for teaching statistics


The SIMDI SPC suite helps you teach all aspects of Statistical Process Control (SPC) in a fun and interactive way

SIMDI Design of experiments

The SIMDI DOE suite contains production or design process simulators that allow you to practice making designs of experiments

SIMDI Six Sigma

The SIMDI Six Sigma suite is a must-have for any Black Belt or Green Belt training.

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The SIMDI SPC suite enables you to teach all aspects of Statistical Process Control (SPC) in a fun and interactive way. It has several industrial process simulators that you can direct with or without the SPC tools (control chart, capability, inertial piloting, etc.). Practicing makes it possible to grasp the value of these tools, to see the results obtained by a classic piloting and to test different piloting strategies with several control charts (Shewhart, Shainin, Inertial, etc.).

Simdi SCP can be used anywhere, from technical high schools to engineering universities. The suite is also very useful in training seminars for adults, especially for the Six Sigma training sessions to understand the main concepts and practice piloting a process by following the SPC control charts.

The SIMDI SPC contains:

  • SIMDI Tour CN: Piloting with Shewhart and Shainin charts
  • SIMDI Multi-criteria inertial piloting: CNC machine piloting with an inertial piloting matrix
  • Surface Finishing: Piloting with an EWMA chart
  • Bean machine: A comprehensive and realistic simulator of Galton’s bean machine with statistical calculations
  • Statistical and inertial tolerancing demo

The most difficult thing is definitely to keep things simple

SIMDI DOE – Try out a designs of experiments training session

The SIMDI Design of experiments suite made up of comprehensive DOE processing software (Ellistat) and production and design process simulators that let you practice making designs of experiments. This suite helps you teach design of experiments in a fun and interactive way so that the trainees can perform a great deal of designs of experiments with different strategies in a short amount of time. This is geared towards engineering schools, technical schools or working professionals who need to learn how to perform designs of experiments to improve their products or processes.

The ELLISTAT software can process:

  • Taguchi 2k designs (L4 – L32)
  • Full and fractional factorial designs
  • Response surface designs (Composites, Hoke, Doelhert, Hybride, Box, Jones)
  • Multiple or logistic regression analyses
  • And many more statistical tools

Realistic representations

All of our simulators are products of our professional experience and accurately reflect the processes as they are.


Take pleasure in training by sharing knowledge about the statistical aspects of processes in a fun way.

Accessible to all

User-friendly and several difficulty levels available, the SIMDI simulators can be used by beginners as well as by Black Belt instructors.

Developed by statitistics instructors

Developed in partnership with Pillet-Consulting, a consulting firm that uses the SIMDI simulators for all of their statistics training sessions.

SIMDI Six Sigma – The must-have tool for any Six Sigma training

With this suite, you can teach the DMAIC approach and coherent use of statistical tools for problem solving in a fun and interactive way. This simulator is meant for technology or engineering schools with statistical tools on their curriculum. It’s also very useful at continued training seminars where technicians and engineers need to get acquainted with interpreting statistical results quickly.

The SIMDI Six Sigma suite is made up of:

  • A complex process simulator that generates defects. The goal is to use all the Six Sigma tools and the DMAIC appraoch to find the root cause and meet the Six Sigma target.
  • A refrigerator compressor assembly process simulator that allows you to implement the Shainin approach to find the root cause of a defect.
  • Fully comprehensive statistical analysis processing software (ELLISTAT)