User Guide

ELLISTAT is very powerful statistical analysis software that makes it possible to perform the main statistical analyses necessary for a company to:

  • Master a process
  • Analyze test results
  • Solve a problem
  • Manage an design of experiments
  • etc…

It is particularly adapted for the management of Six Sigma gold Design for Six Sigma projects.
Ellistat’s goal is to provide a simple tool adapted to those not specialized in statistics to construct and interpret analyses allowing for the optimization of the production process.

Access to different sections in the user guide:

Start with Ellistat


Calculate complexes tolerances

Descriptives statistics

Visualize your data

Inferential statistics

Find the red X

Design of experiment

Create a DOE in 2 clics

Problem solving

Think from your data

Gage R&R

Check you measurement system

Control Plan

Reduce the number of pieces measured


Analyse your survival data