Example 6 : Comparing a frequency to a theorical frequency

Let us assume that the population is made up of 50% women.  In a company with 952 people, 440 are women and 512 are men. Is this difference significant?

Which test do you choose ?

Left hand table: Depending on the comparison to be carried out We want to compare the frequency (or proportion) of the number of women in a company according to a theoretical value.  Test 1P should be used.

Right hand table: Depending on the types of variables Y is the result of the measurement of gender, male or female (qualitative), according to a target (X) of 50%.  Test 1P should be used.

Choix du test statistique

Enter the data for the 2 samples in the corresponding boxes.


Result :

The difference between the sample and the theoretical value is significant.  We can therefore consider that the company did not randomly choose their colleagues within the population at large and that the gender balance has not been respected.