Analyze your survival data

The reliability module provides all the tools for you to calculate your survival statistics.

ELLISTAT has an interface that adapts to your needs, whether it’s for analyzing lifetime data, analyzing after-sales service data or for interpreting reliability test results.

ELLISTAT  lets you design the adapted survival law and calculate survival percentages for any duration or amount of cycles. Thanks to its intuitive graphical interface, analyzing survival data can be a piece of cake.

If you can count on the product, the price doesn’t count

The fundamentals of reliability

Always user-friendly, ELLISTAT allows you to make all the calculations required to thoroughly analyze your survival data:

  • This module helps you identify the laws of behavior used during the survival tests (exponential, 2 and 3-parameter Weibull, normal) and to calculate them with the main characteristics: MTTF, survival rate for a given time, confidence interval, etc.
  • The data can be complete or censored. It’s also possible to enter data straight from after-sales service feedback in order to completely analyze the reliability of your products.
  • It also allows you to decide on the number of parts to include in a reliability test.

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