Boost your productivity

Solutions for all stages of your production

Advance your know-how with our innovative and intuitive solutions. It has never been easier to analyze production data, to automate a machine tool. Your ROI is just a click away.

Machine Tool Automation

Automatically adjust your machine tools

The APC allows you to automate your machine tools. One-piece setup. 90% reduction in scrap rate.

APC (Automated Process Control) Module

Master your processes

Master your production in real time

Track your processes thanks to statistical standards, control charts, capability...

SPC (Statistical process control) Module
your processes

Reduce the number of inspections

Reduce the number of inspections by 50%.

Accept or reject a lot from your production or from a supplier inline with ISO standards

IQC Module
the number of inspections

Analyze your data

Analyze your data in 2 clicks

Use the power of statistics and intuitive software to discover what's behind your data

Discover ur IS (Industrial Statistics) Analysis Module
your data

Level-up by developing your expertise

Develop your expertise

A great offer for Quality, Lean, and Six Sigma training.

eLearning Module
 by developing your expertise